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Special Savings


This is a type of Special Savings Account wherein a depositor is required to deposit a fixed amount evry month for a given number of years to earn higher interest. Macro Plan holders are not allowed to make withdrawals. Once one fails to give his monthly deposit, the account will automatically be converted to a regular savings.
Macro Plan                           1                           2                          3
Monthly Deposit          P500.00            P500.00              P1,000.0
Deposit Period            5 years             10 years                   5 years
Waiting Period            10 years             none                  1 year
Maturity Amount          *100T               *100T                *100T
*Interest Subject to 20% w/tax

First Macro Bank is a member of Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC).
All deposits are insured up to P100,000.00 per depositor.